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Just A Little Bit Country

Montgomery Ranch Series:

Book One

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sub Genres: Rock star/Western

HEA: Yes

Release Date: 2/26/2019

He’s a little bit country . . .
She’s a little bit rock and roll . . .

Jo Demonix’s life changed almost instantly after a crazy altercation with her ex-boyfriend leads to a drunken stupor that the Paparazzi catch red-handed. Now, Jo’s name went from something to mud overnight. Fed up with her drunken escapades, her manager and fellow band members give her an ultimatum: go to Rocker Rehab or get kicked out of the band forever. Only, Jo never expected Rocker Rehab to be in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, with six hot cowboys, a foul-mouthed but adorable five-year-old, and no cell reception.

Hunter Montgomery always imagined that after his parents passed away, he could handle taking care of Montgomery Ranch and his brothers just like they had. Unfortunately, the financial stress of raising six brothers and keeping the ranch has the bank knocking on his door and the bills piling up. Struggling to make ends meet, Hunter has no hesitation when he’s approached with the opportunity to make a lot of money for the ranch overnight. But he wasn’t expecting that money to come with a feisty, purple-haired, girl, covered in tattoos and bursting with trouble.

Even though the two opposites have nothing in common, they form an unlikely friendship neither can deny and when trouble knocks on Jo’s door once again; Hunter and his brothers will do everything they can to protect Jo, even if it means losing their Ranch forever.

Now Available

His Little Cheater

Forbidden love Affair Series:

Book One

Genre: Erotica

Sub Genres: Anti-Romance

HEA: Non-Traditional

Release Date: 11/2/2018



If you're looking for a story that follows the typical romance guidelines, this isn't it. It's hot, it's edgy... it's actually anti-romance. You won't like the leading man, you'll probably scream at the heroine, and it has an ending you won't see coming. But I promise you that if you're looking for something real to read, something that is going to make you think, and redefine your typical erotic read, then this is the book for you.

I've never considered myself the cheating type, but desperate times call for desperate measures when your roommate throws a class ten kegger the night before your geometry midterm.

I didn't get in the amount of studying I had planned, and if it weren't for the fact that my hot as hell geometry teacher is a complete asshole, I wouldn’t even be in this situation. But here I am, on all fours, with the test answers in hand, hiding underneath his desk, praying to God that he doesn't sit down and catch me.

You’d think a girl like me would be worrying about her future if she gets caught cheating, but as Professor Hanson sits down and his hand starts slowly rubbing the bulge in his tight jeans, I realize there's a lot more to him than I thought. ESPECIALLY when I hear him whisper MY name while touching himself. Now my future is the last thing on my mind.



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