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His Little Pyro

Forbidden love Affair Series:

Book One

Genre: Erotica

Sub Genres: "Daddy Book Revenge book

HEA: Yes!

Release Date: 3/27/2020

I’m walking a thin line between revenge and insanity here.

I gave my boyfriend the last three years of my life, only to find out that he’s been banging my best friend Haysleigh behind my back for at least two of them.

I’m mad at him.

I’m furious with her. 

Men will come and go, but best friends are supposed to be forever. Haysleigh crossed a line I would never cross, and now that she has, it’s time to even the score.  

I have to get my revenge.

But, there’s only one thing that will hurt Haysleigh as much as she hurt me . . . I need to seduce the only man in her life that she has ever really loved.


It’s the man that I’ve been obsessed with since I started realizing boys were a thing. The man I fantasized about taking my virginity, even though I knew he couldn’t.  The man who has always been off limits but has always held a special place in my heart. The man who I have feelings for that I can no longer ignore. 

He’s sexy.

He’s a firefighter.

He’s also her dad . . .

That’s right, I’m gonna seduce my best friend’s dad.

My only problem . . .  I’m going to have to start a fire to do it. 

Book Update


It Had 2 B U Series:

Book One

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sub Genres: Friends to Lovers

HEA: Yes

Re-release Date: 1/31/2020



I decided to redo Innuendos by updating some content issues and revamping it with a new cover. The book's new content is now available for download.  Check out this hilarious Romantic Comedy involving Max and Breezy!


She wants him to squeeze her melons . . .

He wants her to hold his wood . . .

Max is the sole reason Breezy can’t keep a boyfriend. Every boyfriend she has ever had breaks up with her the moment they meet him. It’s not because of his eight-pack, or his panty-shredding smile. No, the reason Breezy remains single is because Max is her best friend and roommate.

When Breezy’s new boyfriend dumps her after meeting Max for the first time, Breezy is determined to cure her boyfriend woes by challenging Max to a bet: she can’t click her mouse, he can’t wrestle his snake, and neither one can say the word sex or they lose.
It was a simple game of abstinence, until Max decides to tempt Breezy into a hilarious game of innuendos. Now, the only thing harder than Max’s “wood”, is figuring out just where their friendship lies after all bets are off.

One thing’s for certain . . .

All’s fair in sex, love, and innuendos.

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