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Jack Got Jilled is Coming April 1, 2021!



Jack Got Jilled

Jack fell down, and I stole his Crown, driving away in it after.


There were two things my father taught me before he died.

One, never trust anyone that didn’t share your blood, and two, how to hot-wire a vehicle. There wasn’t a car I couldn’t steal and a job I wouldn’t take, so when my enemy propositioned me to steal a rare first-edition Toyopet Crown to finish paying off my father's debt to him, my fingers were itching to get behind the wheel and drive that beauty off into the sunset. What I didn’t expect was the car to be owned by a sexy playboy who had my cylinders on fire or having to knock his ass out in order to steal his most prized possession. He’s not letting his car go without a fight—but without it, I may not live to see tomorrow.


I’ve always been the type of guy who could get whatever he wanted. Cars, money, girls, those were just a few of the guilty pleasures I loved to indulge in. When my father finally passed down to me one of his prized possessions, a rare Toyopet Crown, I was ecstatic; I had my eye on it for far too long, but within a week of owning that steel beauty, it was stolen, by the only girl who’s ever turned me down. The strange car thief kept me on my toes, and her beauty and wit had my desires running wild. She may have knocked me out and stolen my car, but I’m determined to get it back, even if it means running into the face of danger and saving her from herself.

Welcome to Nursery Crimes, where the tales are twisted and happily ever afters are not always guaranteed.



Just A Little Bit Rock 'N' Roll



Heaven O'Hare has only one thing on her mind, getting back on the road after a too long hiatus from playing music.


For Heaven, playing in the Jezebels has always been her dream, but when their lead singer Jo suddenly decides to hang up her microphone for cowboy boots, Heaven’s pissed! It doesn't matter that Jo found them a temporary fill in or that his hazel eyes make Heaven tingle like crazy. The Jezebels are an all-female band and there just isn't enough room for a studly cowboy to be on their stage.



Jackson Montgomery has only known how to do two things—ranch and raise horses. He's spent the last thirty years helping his family out around the ranch and never thought twice about it. That is until an impromptu gig at a local barn dance lands him a one way ticket to fame and fortune.


Now Jackson is ready to hang up his cowboy boots and step into the spotlight. His only problem is a tiny, feisty, blonde drummer named Heaven who seems to be the only thing standing between him and his new future.
Rock and Roll and Country collide in this new Montgomery Ranch book. Just a little bit Rock and Roll by V. Kelly

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