V. Kelly's Pop! Art Coloring Book

The V. Kelly Pop! Art Coloring book is a hilarious adult coloring and activity book created by V. Kelly, in reference to her books. Each page has something to do with something inside of one of my books.  Warning: This coloring book is not for children. There are adult pictures, themes, and references throughout the book.  Please keep that in mind before purchasing this book.

SIDE NOTE: Some images were drawn by V. Kelly herself!

V. Kelly's Pop! Art Coloring and Activity Book

Release Date: September 29, 2017

Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Everyone

Book Category: Coloring Book

Book Type: Adult/Rated R

Pages: 138




This Coloring book is not for children!!! This author will not be held responsible for any Bird's and the Bees type questions that may result from children coloring or getting their hands on this book. This is an adult coloring book dedicated to the works of V. Kelly. There may be inappropriate images, words or things inside this book that should never be colored by anyone under the age of 18 or by anyone who doesn't have a sense of humor. This book is highly sexually suggestive and does contain images of body parts in the human anatomy, that may offend those of a prudish nature. If you hate coloring, are the kind of person that blushes when it comes to talking about sex, lack any kind of sense of humor whatsoever, hate pop-art that's meant to mess with your mind, or if you think body parts below your belly button are disgusting, then please do not purchase this book! I'm not sure how else I can warn you. This book is rated "R" for everything mentioned above.