Southern Kisses (Clean Romances)

The Southern Kisses Series  is my New Adult contemporary romance series following a series of couples that are based in Southern states. Each leading woman shares a name with her home state, and there are seven books in this series, following each day of the week. The books are subtly connected through characters throughout the series and each story is clean romance with no sex. Some books might have tough situations that could prove to be mature for teenagers. 

I plan on writing seven books in this series. 

Book One:
Mississippi's Monday Mingle

Release Date: October 22, 2021


Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Missi and Wade

Book Category: Contemporary Romance

Book Type: Clean Romance NA

POV: Dual 

Pages: 120

HEA?: Yes



Mama always warned me that bad boys were like gators. On the surface they seem all sweet and pretty, but underneath the murky waters, they are vicious beasts ready to chew you up and spit you out. I never believed her until Wade Carrington set his sights on me. I’ve done my best to avoid him—there’s no need for this good girl to get tangled up with that mess of boy. But when he catches me reading out by the willow trees on a fateful Monday morning, I can’t help but fall for his wicked smile and southern charm. Now the only thing worse than falling for the bad boy, is protecting my heart from the heartbreak that I know will eventually come, while trying to thwart the advances of another man I think is secretly stalking me.


I’ve had my eye on Mississippi “Missi” Waters since middle school. She’s the good girl my mama always told me to tie down, and the one girl in school no guy can catch. Unfortunately, my reputation for being rebellious and a serial heartbreaker has her avoiding me every time I attempt to talk to her. She has no idea that I’ve been sweet on her for most of our lives, and I’ll do anything to show her just how I feel. Even if that means surprising her in her favorite reading spot and stealing that kiss, I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’m determined to change her mind about me, so when I find out that she's secretly being harassed by a man that shouldn't be chasing her, I'm willing to give up everything just to help her. Only I'm not quite sure she’s willing to see past my reputation and the rumors about me that run thicker than the sweltering heat of a Mississippi summer, to finally let me in.


Book Two:
Alabama's Tuesday Tryst

Release Date: March 19, 2022


Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Bam and Cal

Book Category: Contemporary Romance

Book Type: Enemies to Lovers

POV: Dual 

Pages: 89

H.E.A?: Yes


I was made for the spotlight. No one lights up center stage more than the famous Alabama “Bam” Roberts. I was my high school’s number one theater queen, and when I was granted a full-ride scholarship for Alabama University’s elite theater program, I thought I was set for life. That is… until Cal Richards stepped into my spotlight and stole away my audience. The theater stud was known for attracting attention both on and off stage, and he quickly turned into my biggest nemesis. I was ready to pull the curtain on him faster than an Alabama Sunset in the heat of summer, but when he was cast as my leading man in the upcoming school play, I was forced to play nice; even though everything about him made me go crazy, including that killer smile I can’t seem to shake from my head no matter how hard I try.


It’s not easy growing up in a family of high school dropouts. Not a single member of my family ever made it past their junior year of high school, that’s why I worked my butt off to score one of the two full-ride scholarships for Alabama University’s elite theater program. Theater was in my bones, and it would only be a matter of time before I got my “big” break and graced the big screen like all my idols. Everything was going as planned until the stuck-up diva, Bam Roberts, tried to take my spotlight. If you looked up “entitled” in the dictionary you’d see her pretty picture front and center. I didn’t think anything could be bigger than that darn ego of hers until I made her smile for the first time. Now scoring the lead in the school play isn’t my only mission in life, it’s knocking Bam Roberts off her pedestal and straight into my arms, making her my leading lady for good.


Book Three:
Virginia's Wednesday Wooer

Coming: December 15, 2022


Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Ginni and Beau

Book Category: Contemporary Romance

Book Type: Finding Love

POV: Dual 

Pages: Unknown

H.E.A?: Yes


Living with a broken heart isn’t easy, especially when you’re the eldest sister of seven, and the only one that hasn’t been married. I hadn’t gone on a date since my ex decided to leave me for law school and broke off our engagement six years ago. Now I just sit and watch as each of my sisters find true love and I avoided it at all costs. I’ve preferred to go alone to their weddings, but when my youngest sister Heather decides to put down a plus one rule, I’m desperate to find a date, even if it means getting set up by my mother with the handsome new doctor that just came to town. Blind dates aren’t my thing, but this desperate bridesmaid will do anything to be there for her sister, even if that means adding a plus one to my reservation with a man I never met before.


Moving to Virginia was a spur of the moment decision after I was given a job offer, I couldn’t refuse. It forced me to make the hard decision of breaking off a relationship that was toxic and not going to last. The small-town job in Virginia was the perfect place to start over and get over my ex for good. I just didn’t realize that every single woman within a ten-mile radius would view me as their next biggest catch. I’ve spent my time avoiding the female population as much as possible, but when a sweet client asks me to be her eldest daughter’s plus one, I can’t help but say yes, especially after seeing her daughter pick her mother up from an appointment. Now I can’t shake the beautiful redhead from my mind, and I’ll do anything to woo her, even if it means being her blind date to a wedding full of people I don’t even know.