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Her Little Lamb

(A Dark retelling of Mary Had  A Little Lamb)

Coming June 1, 2022


Merry had a little Lamb,

who didn’t really know,

That everywhere her pretty Lamb went,

Merry was sure to go.


She peeked in through his windows,

and watched him by the pool,

She stayed amongst the shadows,

just waiting to make her move.


But little lambs have secrets,

and Merry didn’t know,

that everywhere that Merry went,

another lamb would also go.


Merry Shepherd didn’t mean to become obsessed with her little Lamb, but that’s exactly what happened when she first saw him walking through the halls of her community college. She became so obsessed that she started following him everywhere, tracking his movements, keeping tabs on his daily routines. She was convinced that he was her perfect man until she met Robert, the strange artist that had an odd obsession with blood. Finding Robert kept her mind off her secret little obsession, but she had no idea that her sudden cold shoulder would suddenly catch the attention of that same little lamb


Now it seemed like both men were fixated on Merry, and when her secret stalking habit finally comes to light, Merry is forced to face something far more sinister than her own personal sins…


Because both men are keeping secrets from her, but only one of them is secretly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Virginia's Wednesday Wooer 

Book 3 in the Southern Kisses Clean romance series

Coming December 15, 2022



Living with a broken heart isn’t easy, especially when you’re the eldest sister of seven, and the only one that hasn’t been married. I hadn’t gone on a date since my ex decided to leave me for law school and broke off our engagement six years ago. Now I just sit and watch as each of my sisters find true love and I avoided it at all costs. I’ve preferred to go alone to their weddings, but when my youngest sister Heather decides to put down a plus one rule, I’m desperate to find a date, even if it means getting set up by my mother with the handsome new doctor that just came to town. Blind dates aren’t my thing, but this desperate bridesmaid will do anything to be there for her sister, even if that means adding a plus one to my reservation with a man I never met before.


Moving to Virginia was a spur of the moment decision after I was given a job offer, I couldn’t refuse. It forced me to make the hard decision of breaking off a relationship that was toxic and not going to last. The small-town job in Virginia was the perfect place to start over and get over my ex for good. I just didn’t realize that every single woman within a ten-mile radius would view me as their next biggest catch. I’ve spent my time avoiding the female population as much as possible, but when a sweet client asks me to be her eldest daughter’s plus one, I can’t help but say yes, especially after seeing her daughter pick her mother up from an appointment. Now I can’t shake the beautiful redhead from my mind, and I’ll do anything to woo her, even if it means being her blind date to a wedding full of people I don’t even know.

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