The Hunky Halloween Series

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Book Facts:

Main Character(s):  

Bladen & Whitney

Book Category: Rom Com

Book Type: College Halloween

Pages: 69

HEA?: Yes

Whitney Wallace is a WITCH.

Not the kind of witch that flies around on broomsticks or gets crushed by houses, but the kind of witch that has everyone in the halls running away screaming.

She’s mean, she's ruthless, and I’m pretty sure she’s allergic to fun.

For the last two years she’s been my college RA, and I’ve done my best to avoid her as much as possible. Her reputation leaves her less than desirable, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have forty-eight hours to woo The Witch and convince her to throw a party, or I can kiss my pledge into my dad’s fraternity goodbye.

I thought it was all going to be easy until I realized something very important about Whitney Wallace.
I might actually like her.

Pickled toad eyes, the wings of bats, and a sprinkle of nightshade won’t be needed for this potion of love, because I’m determined to woo The Witch and make this one Halloween Party neither of us will ever forget.

This is a NA college themed "Safe" read with no cheating and is set in a college dormitory. Recommended for readers 18+

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