Jacob's Gloves Series

Jacob's Gloves is a romantic comedy series that's a spin-off of my It Had 2 B U series​ The series follows three boxers: Caleb, Roman and Diego (Deuce) who run a youth boxing league together and while connecting with the children they coach, end up finding the the women they are meant to be with.  The first book in the series is actually my book Accent Hussy told from Caleb's point of view. Although the story follows the same timeline, there's a lot of new information in the book you didn't get from Everly's book, including the start of Jacob's Gloves Youth Boxing league. You also get to meet Roman and Diego (Deuce) for the first time. 

Caleb - Unaccented Pain in the Ass

Book One:

Release Date: October 16, 2017

Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Caleb and Everly

Book Category: Sports (Boxing) Romantic Comedy

Book Type: Enemies to Lovers

POV: Dual

Pages: 284

H.E.A?: Yes


I'm a boxer--fighting is my life, but nothing could've prepared

me for the rounds I'd go through trying to woo my Raven-haired beauty into falling for me. 

It didn't help that she thought I was stalking her either, and maybe I was . . . a little. I just couldn't help myself! She was my dream girl, an unattainable and infuriating one, but my dream girl nonetheless.

To her, I would never be more than an unaccented pain in the ass. Sure, I didn't have an accent like she wanted, but there's more to love than the way a person talks. I was determined to show her that. Only, she didn't want my love, my help, or anything else from me, unless you counted my . . . yeah, she definitely wanted ALL of that. 

No matter how many times I tried to convince her, she just couldn't admit how good we really were for each other. It was like she purposely put up a fight just to torment me. I almost gave up, until one bad decision led her back to me, and now I'm the only thing keeping her from going to jail.