Montgomery Ranch Series

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers meets Rock of Ages in my Montgomery Ranch Series . 

Nestled in the heart of Wyoming,  Montgomery Ranch is a horse farm ran by six hot as sin brothers, and one potty-mouthed five-year-old named Cody.  Their life has been relatively easy until a rock star by the name of Jo Demonix, suddenly comes to stay with them for a while as part of her Rocker Rehab. Now the Montgomery Brothers are fighting for her affection, but Jo has her heart set on one brother in particular which causes havoc within their brotherly bond.

This series is fun and quirky, with a different twist on your typical cowboy romance.  If you enjoy romantic comedies with a sassy, bad-girl, female lead, and a sweet, hunky, good ole' country boy book boyfriend, then my Montgomery Ranch Series is the series for you. 

Characters in this series include: 


Jo, Heaven, Seraphine, Phoebe and their manager Dex  from the band The Jezebels.


Hunter, Jackson, Garrison, Fisher, Eli, Deacon, (the country hunks from Montgomery Ranch), and Cody the foul mouthed five-year-old that's sure to win your heart.

Author Note: I have plans for at least four books in this series, but I'm hoping to write nine.

Book One: Just A Little Bit Country


He’s a little bit country . . .
She’s a little bit rock and roll . . .

Jo Demonix’s life changed almost instantly after a crazy altercation with her ex boyfriend leads to a drunken stupor that the Paparazzi catch red handed. Jo’s name went from nothing, to mud overnight. She always wanted to make a name for herself but the publicity she had always hoped for has both her and her band bathing in a negative spotlight. Fed up with her drunken escapades, her manager and band mates give her an ultimatum: go to a rocker rehab, or get kicked out of the band forever. Only Rocker Rehab has somehow landed her in the middle of nowhere Wyoming with six hot cowboys and no cell reception.

Hunter Montgomery always imagined that after his parents passed away that he could handle taking care of Montgomery Ranch, and his brothers just like they had. Unfortunately, the financial stress of raising six brothers and keep the ranch has the bank knocking on his door, and the bills piling up. Struggling to make ends meet, Hunter doesn’t hesitate to say yes when he’s approached with the opportunity to make a lot of money for the Ranch overnight, but he wasn’t expecting that money to come with a feisty, purpled-haired, girl, covered in tattoos and bursting with trouble.

Even though the two opposites have nothing in common, they form a friendship neither person can deny, and when trouble starts knocking on Jo’s door again, Hunter and his brothers are willing to do everything they can to protect Jo, even if it means losing the Ranch in the process.


Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Jo and Hunter

Book Category: Romantic Comedy

Book Type: Cowboy/Rocker

Photographer: JW Photography and Covers

Models: Kristen Lazarus Wood, Travis Keen

POV: Dual 

Pages: 406

HEA?: Yes


Book One: Just A Little Rock 'N' Roll

Coming October 28, 2020



Heaven O'Hare has only one thing on her mind, getting back on the road after a too long hiatus from playing music. For Heaven, playing in the Jezebels has always been her dream, but when their lead singer Jo suddenly decides to hang up her microphone for cowboy boots, Heaven’s pissed! It doesn't matter that Jo found them a temporary fill in or that his hazel eyes make Heaven tingle like crazy. The Jezebels are an all-female band and there just isn't enough room for a studly cowboy to be on their stage.


Jackson Montgomery has only known how to do two things—ranch and raise horses. He's spent the last thirty years helping his family out around the ranch and never thought twice about it. That is until an impromptu gig at a local barn dance lands him a one way ticket to fame and fortune. Now Jackson is ready to hang up his cowboy boots and step into the spotlight. His only problem is a tiny, feisty, blonde drummer named Heaven who seems to be the only thing standing between him and his new future.
Rock and Roll and Country collide in this new Montgomery Ranch book. Just a little bit Rock and Roll by V. Kelly


Book Facts:

Main Character(s): Heaven and Jackson

Book Category: Romantic Comedy

Book Type: Cowboy/Rocker

POV: Dual 

Pages: 212

HEA?: Yes