Vanessa Kelly Mentee Bio! Pitch Wars 2015

OMG, you're here!  Does improv *happy dance*! Yes, I just did the Sprinkler! Of course, you can do it with me!


Now that I got my awkward gyrating out of the way let me introduce myself!  I'm Vanessa, a Pitch Wars hopeful who is gearing up for probably one of the best writing contests out there!  PITCH WARS!





Enter omnious voice here, "IT HAS BEGUN!" *Mortal Kombat music starts now*




If you're reading this, Potential Mentor, then maybe my awkward personality, or my story, made you want to learn more about me.


So Bio time!

Is it weird that I'm nervous about this?




First and foremost I'm a wife and mom. I have an 8 - 5 job, and I write in my spare time.  I'm a lover of all things green, contemporary romances, books that make you blush, and any teen/romantic comedy movie you can think of. I love music, frogs, and otters, and I enjoy making book covers as well as logos, and teasers. I'm an introverted, cyber socialite.  (Yup, in the public I lurk in dark corners . . .  on the net I'm the life of the party!)  Oh! Did I mention I'm in love with 80's movies! John Hughes is the best!




Being a published author has always been my dream, so on July 3, 2015, I self-published my first full-length novel,

a contemporary romance called First Impressions! That was the biggest step for me in my writing career. I've always been afraid of putting my work out to the masses, so when I published First Impressions it was a little bit scary. I'm so glad I jumped off that proverbial ledge I've been perched on--even if the fall is terrifying! My new dream is to find an agent, and hopefully start making a name for myself in this incredibly awesome and humbling, world of writing.




That's just a little about me . . .

Want to stalk me some more? I'll make it easy for ya!


You can find me on Facebook at V. Kelly Author

You can find me on Twitter at @VanessaFKelly

My website is





Thank you Brenda Drake for putting on this contest every year. It's an amazing experience and I am so glad to be a part of the Pitch Wars hopefuls.


 About my Submission:


I'm submitting a story for the ADULT category! *Pulls chair up to the big kids table!*


Short and Sweet Blurb-

My book is called Pop! It's an Erotic Romantic Comedy featuring a Nerdy female MC who constructs a contract with a local musician to give her sex lessons and take her virginity. What does he get in return?  One year of college tutoring, a whole lot of laughs, and maybe even some life lessons along the way!



Favorite Scene: Probably when my female MC learns how to give a blow job.


Favorite One liner: "Honey, if you have to take notes on how to give me a blow job, we have more problems than just your virginity going on here.




Still with me?




My weakness - Grammar & Punctuation... (Fun fact: My mom was an English teacher and I still have trouble with my grammar and punctuation.) It's like a grudge match to the death when I have to edit my manuscripts.



Why we would be a great fit?


1.) I'm a feedback sponge: Negative? Positive? Bring it on!

2.) I'm quirky. Not only am I fun, but once I get to know a person, I'm super outgoing and social.

3.) I want to work, and I want to make my manuscript the best it can be.

4.) I am willing to listen. Though sometimes it can be hard giving up your baby, I'm willing to take any advice and change things if I need to, for the greater good of my story.  Though, I'm not sure I would be open to a complete overhaul. My characters and I are like bff's. I would miss them if I have to kill them off.

5.) I work best with constructive criticism. I'm not sure I would work well with aggressive mentoring. If you're planning on taking me to your hypothetical "red room" of editing, and give me a lot of SHOUTY CAP commands, I'm not sure we would be the perfect fit. 

6.) I'm not sure how well I would do on Skype, but I'm not opposed to it. I prefer little IM boxes and email.


That's it!



I want to thank every mentor for giving up their time to help us Pitch Wars hopefuls. You are all amazing, funny and creative! I know how hard this decision is going to be for you all.  Picking five mentors was difficult, I can't imagine narrowing a story down to ONE!


So thank you again for reading this!


And to all my other Pitch Wars Hopefuls!

























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