Colton's Salvation- A Demented Sins MC Novel by Kristine Allen

March 2, 2019

I decided for March that I would read and review some of my friends books that I've bought or have been given to me over the years. I'm a firm believer that all books should be recognized and even if the person is your friend, if you take the time to read their book you should review it. That being said I'm very thorough with my reviews and sometimes that can come off a little harsh. So, please keep in mind that this review is as honest as I can make it and not biased at all, because I will discuss all my thoughts of the book and how it made me feel good and bad. 


The book I chose to read was Colton's Salvation- A Demented Sins MC Novel by Kristine Allen.  I've only read one MC book before this and that was Ride Steady by Kristine Ashley. MC has not really been a go to genre for me because motorcycles and I have a Love/Hate relationship. I LOVE and RESPECT the men who ride them. I LOVE the sleek and sexy paint jobs. I HATE getting on them myself. (Let's just say that's way too close to the pavement for me and I'm a big fat chicken shit.) I guess that's why MC books aren't the first books I one click when I see them available to read.  I'm more of a rom/com girl, but I won't turn down reading a book just because it's MC


When I say that Kristine Allen is a friend, I mean it.  I had the pleasure of meeting her back in August of last year, when she and her husband, and a group of amazing bikers drove up to my house to present my daughter birthday cards and postcards for her birthday request.  For those of you who may not know, my daughter was diagnosed with cancer back in November 2017 and for her birthday last year she requested postcards from around the world. The response was amazing, but nothing felt more special than the group of men and women who took the time to drive all the way up from Texas just to make my daughter smile. I fell in love with Kristine, her husband, and all their friends that day for giving my daughter and our family such a precious gift. They instantly were a new family to us after that. I cannot thank them enough for that special moment they gave my daughter. My kids now call Kristine and her husband "Aunt and Uncle" because of how much they changed our lives. That's how close we are. That being said that does not in anyway reflect this review because she knows how brutally honest I can be when I read books. 



Colton Alcott was a soldier with no family. The Army was not just his career; it was his life and the only thing he felt he needed. When he agreed to go home with his battle-buddy prior to deploying to Afghanistan, he had no idea that a single night with a woman he intended to be a one-night stand would become his beacon in the night. When his career is unexpectedly cut short and his inner demons threaten to consume him, he finds the comradery and brotherhood he thought he had lost with the Demented Sons Motorcycle Club.
Stephanie Quinn was focused on her college graduation and the beginning of her culinary dreams. When her best friend, and roommate, dragged her to the big end-of-the-year party, she planned to hang out for a little while and then head home. Alone. What she didn’t anticipate was that the blue-eyed stranger she brought home would leave her with an unexpected surprise. A surprise destined to change both of their lives.
Can two star-crossed lovers overcome the obstacles of fate and find one another in the vast ocean of life? Colton’s Salvation is a story of love lost, second chances, and the unforeseen salvation of a single tormented soul by an unexpected, but precious, gift.


Time for my Review . . .


My rating for this book is four stars.


There were a couple reasons for this rating. 

One: MC books aren't really my thing, so it's hard for me to connect with Motorcycle clubs in general. Two: There were a few issues in the book that I couldn't look past when it comes to repetition and words being repeated also some rushing in the story itself. (Side Note: this was the author's first book and from what I've heard her stories are getting better and better. This book was a four so I can only imagine what the next rating will be for me.)


I had to skip the sex scenes for personal reasons:

I like me a good sex scene, and this is going to sound absolutely crazy, but I HAD TO SKIP SOME OF THE SEX PARTS in her book!!! Not because they weren't well written (they were), but because I identified Colton's character with Kristine's husband too much and my brain could not turn off that comparison. It was like every time I read a sex scene I felt like I was going behind her back with her husband.  Weird, I know, but when you know someone in real life, and see a lot of their traits in a character, it kind of stalls your brain from functioning. There were a lot of hot sex scenes in this book, but I had to skim quite a few of them because I just couldn't stop thinking it was her husband and I didn't want to be a creeper on their foreplay.  (YES, I'm weird)


Now, keep in mind, Kristine's sex scenes are hot as hell and should not be ignored by any means. My personal quirks just came into effect too much.


Kristine Allen is a genius and an asshole:


Asshole, of course, is being said in the most loving way possible because this woman put me through reader hell in the first half of the book. Colton and Stephanie have one night of passion and they never get each other's names afterwards. Well, Stephanie does but only because she overhears someone else say Colton's name while they are hanging out, but Colton never gets her name. They don't exchange numbers and a lot of things happen to both characters in the three year span before they meet again.  That whole time I was like:  Okay, they're going to meet now . . . WHAT?!? . . . Okay, they're definitely going to meet now . . .  THAT ASSHOLE IS LEAVING ME HANGING  . . .  Trust me, that first half of the book is going to have you turning pages like crazy in anticipation for them meeting up again. It was written that good.



This book contains graphic images from the war and physical abuse/stalking that could be a trigger for some readers. Kristine did not hold back when it came to her imagery when describing the war and some heavy abuse scenes involving Stephanie and her ex boyfriend.  If you are triggered in any way by that kind of scenes, then this book may not be the book for you.  I had a difficult time with some things that happened in my past, but I still read the book and thought she did a great job describing the fear people feel when something like that happens to them. 


There were a couple negative reviews that said they didn't believe that Colton couldn't just get over the war stuff.  Well, as a military wife, let me tell you, they don't. War sticks with Veterans like honey does it's comb. It embeds deep into their soul, memories, and sub-conscious. I can honestly say she did a fantastic job of describing what goes on in a soldier's mind after the war.


Some Things I didn't Like:


As always, my repetition hang up reared it's ugly head. I guess it's my constant editor brain going on.  When I see the same word in the same sentence more than twice, I want to erase and replace it with something similar for variety.  In the beginning I did find a few places where this happened, but it didn't bother me to the point that it deflected from the story.  

I also am not really into cliche's or overused pet names which there were quite a few in the book.  That's the main reason it's not a five-star for me.  Call it a personal book hangup, but I like it when a man uses my name more than I do having him call me Baby Girl, or Sweetheart. 


Overall, I felt that Kristine's book was a great read. I really enjoyed the roller coaster she took me on as a reader and highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a good MC with deep characters and life experiences that feel real to the reader. I felt that Colton and his demons involving the war were very well written. I also felt that Stephanie's character was strong and definitely someone I would look up to. I also enjoyed getting to know all the side characters in the book.  Can't wait for Hollywood's book (Mason).


You can get Kristine Allen's book Colton's Salvation - A Demented Sin's MC by clicking HERE


Have you read the book? What were your thoughts? Drop a comment below. 








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