Cassia - Code Name: Valentine by Annelise Reynolds and Dawn Sullivan

March 16, 2019


I was lucky enough to proofread this book by new collaborators Annelise Reynolds and Dawn Sullivan. I usually stick to my normal romantic comedies or erotic reads, but this one definitely got my attention when my good friend Annelise told me about it.  


This book is set to release on March 26th 2019.  It's an action packed romance involving a female assassin who calls herself Valentine and her handler Sentry: aka Nash. 


Collaborations can go one of two ways for me:


Either  . . .


A: they meld together perfectly and you can't tell who wrote what. 


B: The chapters clash and it's hard to get into. 


Cassia was actually a pleasant surprise and I couldn't tell who wrote what chapter in the book. This made it a quick and easy read for me and I was able to get through proofreading it not long after it was sent to me. I am definitely interested in reading more from these two authors. 




Live by the code
Lie by the code
Die by the code

I’m known as Valentine, and the code was all I knew. After being recruited into The Company at the young age of sixteen, life as I knew it ceased to exist. Gone was the innocent girl who was terrified of her own shadow. I became something I never would have thought possible; a dangerous, lethal, killing machine. An assassin, working for the good guys…or so I thought. My world came crashing down around me, after one fateful call. Now, I’m on a mission to take down 
every last one of those bastards who destroyed everything I believed in. And, I’m not alone. The only thing sweet about me, is the revenge I will serve.


I work for The Company, a private sector of our government no one knows about. If they did, it could compromise national security, and we would have to take appropriate measures. The kind that would involve elimination. It was my job as Valentine’s handler to keep her safe. We’ve never met. She’s just a voice on the phone. A low, sultry, sexy voice. She knows me only as Sentry. I pass on the assignments from my boss, and she let’s me know when it’s completed. I used to think I was pretty good at my job, until things went to hell. Now, I’m one of those people who knows too much.

Cover Model: Cassia Brightmore
Photography: LJ Photography
Cover Design: Designs by Dana


My Review:




 I give this book four and a half stars.  


This book is full of action. The way these two ladies wrote their assassin scenes were perfect. I loved how believable they were. It was like I was in the head of Valentine as she made her kills. I also liked the dynamic between Nash and Valentine. Their relationship didn't seem too rushed, which I find to be off-putting in most books, and I felt their relationship built in the exact way it should have. I also enjoyed Ghost a lot.  He's a great side character and I can't wait to read his book.   


The reason I gave it four and a half stars is because there were a few places where it was a little bit predictable and I like to be surprised throughout the book. Although, I'm not opposed to cliffhangers, I felt the ending came too quickly and there were a lot of things I still wanted to know. It did make me eager to read the next book in the series just so I can find out what is going on with these amazing characters.  


Overall, there wasn't much I didn't like about this book. It's the first book I've read by Dawn Sullivan, and about the third book I've read by Annelise Reynolds. I felt that the two authors perfectly melded their characters together, their collaboration was beautifully written.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an action-packed love story and who likes assassin books. This was the first book of that kind that I've read, and I know it won't be my last because they are plan on releasing more in the Alluring Assassins series. 


This book will be released on March 26th 2019.   


You can add it on Goodreads by click here

I will add the purchase link when it become available. 

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