Blog Spotlight: AC Squared Book Blog

April 15, 2020

For this month's Blog Spotlight, I'd like to feature a blog that is ran by one of my readers.  Angie Cody.  Not only is she a phenomenal person in general, but she also runs a pretty amazing blog that keeps readers up to date on the latest releases. Her blog is called AC Squared Book Blog.   



Where you can find AC Squared Book Blog: (Click the Links Below) 

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Now that you can find the blog, let's get into the interview shall we?


Q and A with Angie of AC Squared Book Blog: 


1.)  How many people currently run your blog?


Just Me 😊


2.) Introduce yourself, what is your name)? Can you tell me a little about yourself?


Hi I'm Angie!


I'm a 31 year old workaholic living in Pittsburgh! I work two jobs in the interior design industry both as an office manager and as a design assistant during the day, and I run my blog by myself at night! I've always been an avid reader, since we started reading books to earn points in middle school! I've always been one with romance. The earliest romance books I read were from Lurlene McDaniel, they were always so sad, but the love stories were so sweet! As I grew older I got further into the YA genre. As a teen Sarah Dessen books basically saved my life! I was always wanting to get my hand on the next. It wasn't until college that I started reading "adult" romance books and was introduced to Nora Roberts by my dorm roommate. This same roommate also got me into paranormal! I started with Twilight (reading as they came out) and then went onto some darker, more twisted books like The Black Dagger Brotherhood books and the Anita Blake books. From there my love for all things romance just grew and as I've gotten older I've added in some true crime books! In 2016 I decided it was time to share my love of books and writing and start my blog! I enjoy writing reviews so much and getting to express my love for these books is something I've always wanted to share! 



3.) When did you start the blog? 


Feb 2016


4.) What made you start your blog? 


My love for reading, reviewing, and getting to know authors.


5.) Is there any specific genre you focus your blog on or are you open to all genres?




6.) What kind of features does your blog offer readers and authors?


For authors/readers I do Release Blitzes, Cover reveals, and book announcement postings. I also have special days where authors can share their books 



7.) What is your favorite thing about reading? 


It takes you to a different place.


8.) What are you currently reading?


An ARC of Twisted Steel MC Anthology featuring the following authors:


Addison Jane

Erin Osbourne

Nia Farrell

Chelle C. Craze

Dani Rene

Amy Davies

Elizabeth Knox & E.C. Land

Clare Shaw

Scarlett Black

Rae B. Lake

and Courtney Lynn Rose


9.) What was your last five star read?


One Eighty (Westover Prep: Book One) by Marie James


10.) Do you have a favorite book of all time?


I'm sorry, but I just can't answer this one. 


11.) Do you have any favorite quotes?


Be unafraid to want it all.


12.) What is your favorite author(s) that you one-click every time?


Jay McLean, Lindsay Becs, Carrie Ann Ryan


13.) Is there anything you want your followers to know about your blog?


I'm super quirky and I love to read, I just want to spread the love ❤💕💖


14.) Final question: Have you ever read a V. Kelly book? :) 


Yes! I read Pop! and it was hysterical ❤


I hope you enjoyed reading about Angie and her blog, AC Squared Book Blog. Make sure you head on over to her Facebook Page and Blog Page to follow her reviews. If you want to know what the newest and hottest read is in all genres, Angie and her blog  will  sure have the information that you've been looking for. I've really enjoyed sharing AC Squared Book Blog with you today. I've been a follower for quite some time, now you can be, too.