Blog Spotlight: Melena's Reviews

March 24, 2020

I'm late posting my Spotlights and Highlights this month. It's been crazy busy, but I'm very pleased to feature a new to me blog that is ran by Melinda Barrera. Her blog is called Melena's Reviews, and I can't wait to tell you more. 


I recently found her blog through Facebook and wrote her to see if she would help spread the word about my upcoming release, His Little Pyro. I really have enjoyed getting to know Melinda, and love reading about new books on her blog. 


Where you can find Melena's Reviews: (Click the Links Below) 

Facebook    Web Page    Goodreads    Instagram 

BookBub     Twitter

Now that you can find the blog, let's get into the interview shall we?


Q and A with Melinda of Melena's Reviews: 


1.)  How many people currently run your blog?


Just Me 😊


2.) Introduce yourself, what is your name)? Can you tell me a little about yourself?


Hi I'm Melinda!


I am a salesperson by day and a bookaholic throughout the day secretly writing my stories in my word app on my cellphone. I go by Melinda but my book alter ego and reviewer name is Melena. I have been reading since elementary when I first got my hands on Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott and till this day have not stopped reading. Reviewing actually came the year of 1996 when I turned 15 and wrote my first Nora Roberts review. At the time I called it just a book report but when I posted online and a stranger contacted me saying I helped her in buying the book it started my book review blog. At the time it was just called My Book Cravings get it craving books lol*. Then a couple years ago it became Melena's Reviews a site that brings well reviews of books genres from Contemporary, Anthologies, BDSM to even historicals. Here you will find reviews based on the book not on the grammar or first point of views negativity and most definitely no favoritism because of your author name.

At first it was just Reviews then we started showcasing new author work, debuting indy authors then book cover reveals and here we are now. Love what I do and helping others in whether to buy a book or pass. Getting readers to know about new authors is also cool.



3.) When did you start the blog? 


I started blogging in 2012


4.) What made you start your blog? 


My love for reading, reviewing, and getting to know authors.


5.) Is there any specific genre you focus your blog on or are you open to all genres?




6.) What kind of features does your blog offer readers and authors?


For authors/readers I do Release Blitzes, Cover reveals, and book announcement posting. I also write reviews. 



7.) What is your favorite thing about reading? 


Getting so into the book where everything else fades away.


8.) What are you currently reading?


The Bedroom Experiment by Kendall Ryan


9.) What was your last five star read?


Man Crush Monday by Kirsty Moseley


10.) Do you have a favorite book of all time?


Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


11.) Do you have any favorite quotes?


I do not.


12.) What is your favorite author(s) that you one-click every time?


Nora Roberts, Kelly Elliott, Jacob Chance, Kendall Ryan, and Jessica Lemmon


13.) Is there anything you want your followers to know about your blog?


I am a bookaholic at heart and a writer in the process. Most reviews are done by me. As much as I love reading I do try to get a review update to my followers at least once a month. I do believe in reading the book and reviewing it based on the story not on who the author is but by their own storytelling. Books are more than books, this is like the authors baby being released to the world, seeing their hard earned work come to life.


14.) Final question: Have you ever read a V. Kelly book? :) 


No, but I want to. ❤


I hope you enjoyed reading about Melinda and her blog Melena's Reviews. Make sure you head on over to her Facebook page and blog page to follow her reviews. If you want to know what the newest and hottest read is in the romance genre, Melena's Reviews will  sure have the latest information that you've been looking for.  I've really enjoyed getting to know Melinda. Her blog has a new follower! Keep an eye out for her writing as well that might be coming down the line.  























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